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What's With All These Fitness Fads?

I have to say . . . I'm getting burned out with all the fitness fads flying around us! Are you? Pills and pole dancing, home gadgets and gizmos . . . not to mention all the fear mongering about meat, caffeine, water and chicken nuggets. It's no wonder we all feel overwhelmed at the idea of getting healthy! Where's a sane person supposed to start!?

Good news - I'm going to tell you. Clear all of that crap out of your head and take a long look in the mirror. ONLY when you can honestly care about the core of your being, will you take charge and create real change in your life. Look at your daily calendar and see if YOUR health is considered. Is a 30-minute workout scheduled in just like a meeting? It should be!! This is important stuff people - and the longer you wait, the more your bod will suffer.

CARE about yourself - look at your food before you eat it and ask yourself, "What will this food do FOR me? Does it have fiber? Vitamins and minerals? Lean protein?" If you're consistently looking your colorless plate of cuisine and answering, "NO" - then you need to increase your self-worth and decide to do better! Pretend you're a Ferrari and require only the good stuff. You'll run better, look better . . .and gosh darn it, you deserve it.

Need assistance? We've got great classes starting April 4th - Bootcamp and Kickboxing taught by only the best! Check out our website for dates and times - hope to see you there!

Yours in good health,


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